Windows Store – New Intune App distribution system DEC-2022

The new Microsoft Store is an online application repository that can house apps based on different platforms, including Android apps, and even older Windows 7 apps.  This new software distribution system can be used by companies to deploy apps using new techniques & technology.

Microsoft Starting To Enable New Windows Store App Distributions via Intune —

Updates to Windows App Management in Intune with Winget (

Steps for how to import and publish apps into Intune, without hunting down the packages — including EXEs and MSIs, how to self-install apps from the Company Portal, and best practices to smooth your transition if you’re using the Windows Store for Business.  As part of our series on Windows Management, we’ll dive deep on the updates for easily adding apps into Intune, powered by WinGet, the new Windows Package Manager, which is the foundation of our new store. Now we’ll show you the experience for how admins can import and publish apps, including EXEs and MSIs, how this also applies to self-service app installs from the Company Portal. And if you’re using the Microsoft Store for Business now, we’ll show you best practices to smooth your transition.