Ransomware – Service provider Rackspace brief outage DEC-2022

Service provider Rackspace quickly recovered from a brief outage, which to be more of a service disruption, than data breach.  Even highly secure companies can occasionally experience impacts as attacks become more sophisticated.

Rackspace Confirms Ransomware Attack on Hosted Exchange Service — Redmondmag.com


Managed services provider Rackspace issued an announcement on Tuesday confirming that its hosted Microsoft Exchange e-mail service was disrupted by a ransomware attack.  The attack was initially described by San Antonio, Texas-based Rackspace on Friday, Dec. 2 as “connectivity issues” that were affecting its hosted Exchange service, per its service status log. On that day, Rackspace actually shut down that service. It indicated then that “a portion of our Hosted Exchange platform” had been affected.

Rackspace also on Dec. 2 began helping its customers move to the Microsoft 365 service.  “At no cost to you, we will be providing you access to Microsoft Exchange Plan 1 licenses on Microsoft 365 until further notice,” Rackspace told its hosted Exchange customers at that time.